pandavichyssoise said: Considering it's Tyra's NTM, you're probably right about a US girl winning. Especially with the way things are going (though it might be too early to tell), it feels like AzMarie might be the winner. And while I like her, I almost feel like she'd be too obvious of a choice for the winner. Of the UK girls, I'm totally gunning for Sophie and Catherine all the way (especially now since my favorite girl of either sides, Louise, is gone). I hope the final 2 is at LEAST one UK girl and one US girl.

Yeah, I agree. I think because it’s America’s NTM, Tyra won’t want a non-American winning. I think they’ve made it out for AzMarie to look the best (even though her photo with the hats & cars wasn’t my favourite) but I still think that Sophie, Ashley and Alisha are better than any of the American girls? 
I do think that they will have a American British finale. To make it more ‘tense’ 

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Does anyone think that a British girl might win? I have this gut feeling that they won’t let a Brit win. Even know they are clearly the best in the show.
Even though i know it’s gonna happen, it’s still gonna piss me off when it does. 

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Anonymous said: Do you make all the confessions or you only choose which ones to make?

People send in their confessions and I make all of them :)

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